The Griffins will meet The Simpsons this year, and here’s a sneak peek at the episode.

The last cross over episode The Simpsons did was with The Critic back on March 5, 1995.

In the special hour-long episode, The Griffins become sidetracked and find themselves in Springfield, where they make fast friends with The Simpsons based on their obvious similarities. But said similarities threaten to tear Peter and Homer apart when an argument over accusations that Peter’s beloved Pawtuckett Patriot beer is nothing but a lesser knock-off of Homer’s equally-beloved Duff escalates into a citywide brawl.

In November, The Simpsons will have their own crossover episode called “Simpsorama” which will feature the entire time-traveling cast of Futurama.

The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover episode is set to air on September 28, 2014.