The 2014-15 NBA Season Is Here

The NBA is back with its 69th season. If you’re looking for a great way to LIVE STREAM every NBA game this season, check out

It will cost $59.98 USD for a 6 month membership – but its 100% worth it. You’ll get 720p reliable HD streams on literally any device you can think of. It has support for XBMC, Playstation 3/4, XBOX 360/One, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, Mac, etc etc.

Best part? No blackouts! You’ll be able to watch all the Toronto Raptors games without the TSN blackout that NBA League Pass has. I usually pick up this service every year and it blows NBA’s official League Pass service out of the water.

Opening Night (October 28):

  • 7:00pm: Dallas @ San Antonio
  • 7:00pm: Orlando @ New Orleans
  • 9:30pm: Houston @ Los Angeles Lakers

Christmas Day:

  • Cleveland @ Miami
  • Washington at New York
  • Oklahoma City at San Antonio
  • Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago
  • Golden State at the Los Angeles Clippers

Games to Watch For:

  • October 30: LeBron James will play his first game since rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers at home against New York
  • November 19: Jason Kidd’s first visit to Brooklyn since leaving the Nets to coach Milwaukee
  • January 15: A 12-game Martin Luther King Jr. Day, four televised nationally, is highlighted by another Cleveland-Chicago matchup
  • January 29: Pau Gasol heads back to Los Angeles for the first time since leaving the Lakers for Chicago
  • January 31: Kevin Love returns to Minnesota as the Cavaliers play the Timberwolves
  • February 6: The first of two NBA Finals rematches between the Spurs and Heat
  • March 12: James’ first game in San Antonio since his final one in a Miami

Who will take the championship this year?