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Five (5) lucky Access Winnipeg readers will each win a Thermal Experience for 2 at THERMËA BY NORDIK SPA-NATURE.

Enjoy a unique experience in the heart of nature! Adjacent to the Crescent Drive Golf course, Thermëa is a haven that features relaxation techniques from the Nordic countries.

Take the time to unwind and reenergize in our Nordic baths and waterfalls, steam bath, Finnish sauna, and relaxation areas.

Revitalize all of your senses with a massage or a body treatment and a delicious and healthy meal at their restaurant.


You probably have already heard someone saying they bathed outside in cold water in the middle of winter at Thermëa… But why? Thermotherapy is a practice of alternating hot and cold.

Step 1: Hot
In a sauna, the temperature of your body will rise, which will clean it from the inside by eliminating toxins.

Step 2: Cold
When transitioning from a hot to temperate or cold environment, your body releases adrenaline, a stimulating hormone. It is normal for your heart rate to increase.

Step 3: Rest
After a thermal transition, adrenaline is replaced by endorphins. This creates a sensation of deep relaxation throughout the body.

Repeating the hot-cold-rest thermal cycle three times will eliminate toxins from your body and bring about deep relaxation.


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MJB Studios recently shot an interactive Google Virtual Tour of Thermëa Spa. Check it out below…

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