Meet Chandler, Winnipeg's #1 Cat

City Hall has awarded Chandler as Winnipeg’s #1 cat.

Chandler is a one and half year old Russian Blue type kitty. He was entered in to the contest by his owners, sisters Amy and Amanda Palmquist.

Chandler will receive a commemorative plaque and the #1 cat licence tag which he will be able to show off to all his cat friends. Chandler’s licence fees will also be covered for his lifetime.

One of the criteria for winning the #1 Cat honour was a commitment to responsible pet ownership and his owners say Chandler is supportive of cat licensing because he has some bad habits that put him at risk.

“Chandler is a true fan of responsible pet ownership because he wants to feel safe. He knows that we love him more than anything but he is a sneaky fellow,” said Amy. “He likes to play a game with us called ‘try to sneak out of the house door without the humans knowing.’ It’s rare that he actually wins at that game, but we bought him a licence so if he were to ever get out and wander away from home, he will be returned back home safe and sound.”

Sixty cats were entered into the City’s first-ever #1 Cat Contest which ran from February 27 – March 27, 2015.