Province Putting in New Rules to Protect Vehicle Buyers
Image by gmanviz

Effectiver June 1, 2015, the Manitoba government will put in new regulations to protect families from false advertising and misleading pricing practices when purchasing a new or used motor vehicle.

“We are pleased to have developed these new regulations in consultation with industry, stakeholders, consumer groups and other provinces with existing motor vehicle advertising legislation,” said Minister Lemieux. “Clearer, more transparent pricing and advertising practices benefit both consumers and businesses.”

Currently, vehicle advertising is allowed to omitting additional fees, charges, or conditions from prices which can be misleading or confusing for consumers.

Once the new regulation is in effect, dealers will have to:

  • ensure that advertisements indicate the total price of a vehicle, including all additional charges, except for the retail sales tax and the federal goods and services tax;
  • ensure that an advertisement about a used late-model vehicle indicates that it is a used vehicle;
  • not engage in false advertising or provide false information about a vehicle;
  • only advertise a vehicle currently in the dealer’s inventory;
  • indicate the time period applicable to limited time offers;
  • indicate the number of vehicles available at a specified price if the number of vehicles is limited;
  • not set out payment information in an advertisement more prominently than the total price; and
  • disclose in the advertisement if the vehicle was ever declared salvage or used as a short-term rental or emergency vehicle

Buying a car is usually the second largest purchase after buying a home. It’s great that the province is taking steps to protect consumers.