Gas Prices Jump to $1.22 a Litre in Winnipeg
Image by ajbatac

It’s gonna cost you a bit more to fill your gas tank this week.

After dropping to $1.02 a litre just five days ago, gas prices have sky-rocketed 20 cents to 122.9 at most pumps around the city.

Back in January, gas prices dropped to as low as 79.9 a litre but we have yet to see sub-$1 prices since then.

The average price for gas in Winnipeg is now sitting at 121.184 cents per litre. The current national average in Canada is 116.495.

There are still a few pumps in the city selling gas at under $1.10. As always, for an up-to-date list of the lowest gas prices in Winnipeg, head to our Gas Prices Page. It’s powered by Gas Buddy and is updated hourly.