Manitoba is the Bacon Capital of Canada
Image by dinnerseries

Did you know that Manitoba is the Bacon Capital of Canada?

Manitoba processes more bacon than anywhere else in Canada and its enjoyed by people in more than 30 countries around the world.

The Maple Leaf Foods plant on Lagimodière is the largest bacon processing facility in Canada at 25,084 square metres. It produces more than 25 million kilograms of bacon each year which is enough to fill more than 13 Olympic-size swimming pools!

“Manitoba is the largest pig-producing and pig-exporting province in Canada, contributing over $1.7 billion annually to our economy and providing over 13,000 jobs right here at home,” says Andrew Dickson, General Manager of Manitoba Pork. “We’re proud to be the bacon capital of Canada and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate.”

Some Manitoba Bacon Facts:

  • A standard pig yields about 11% of its weight in bacon. This means a 100 kilogram pig will yield 11 kilograms of bacon.
  • Bacon is one of the oldest known preserved meats, dating back to 1500 B.C.
  • Bacon is both a science and an art! The perfect strip has been determined to be 65% lean and 35% fat, with dark coloured meat.
  • Bacon was a centerpiece of the first meal ever eaten on the moon.
  • Different smokes for different folks! Of all the different wood chips used to smoke bacon, maple is the most popular.

Now lets all have some bacon and a slurpee!