Winnipeg Transit Code of Conduct
Image by daveberta

Winnipeg Transit has released a new Code of Conduct.

The goal of the Code of Conduct is to improve safety for transit employees and customers while using public transit in Winnipeg.

Code of Conduct

  • Threats or assaults will not be tolerated
  • Riders must pay applicable fare and comply with all fare terms and conditions
  • Do not cross the safety line near the front of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion
  • No smoking, littering, spitting, vandalism, or graffiti
  • No consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or inhalation of solvents
  • Do not disturb, annoy or interfere with any other person, includes loud, foul, insulting, abusive or inappropriate language
  • Do not place feet on bus seat, spill food or beverages or create any unsanitary condition
  • No soliciting, selling or distribution of merchandise or printed materials
  • Do not impede the movement of passengers or employees
  • Any item which may cause an obstruction or unsafe condition is not permitted
  • No unlawful carrying of firearms or restricted weapons, explosive, flammable, or toxic material
  • Do not extend any body part or object through bus window or door
  • Service animals are allowed, all other animals must be in a closed carrier