Changes to How Winnipeg Issues Parking Tickets
Image by kdingo

Due to portions of the parking ticket process not complying with The Summary Convictions Act, vehicles that have been impounded due to unpaid parking tickets are being released to their owners. In addition, collection will no longer be pursued on outstanding parking tickets that were issued more than six years ago.

Changes to the parking ticket process includes updated wording on parking tickets, and changes to the way the Winnipeg Parking Authority (WPA) files paperwork with the Provincial Court.

Unpaid parking tickets issued in the past six years are still owed to the City.

Winter parking ban tickets issued before December 11, 2015 and any fines associated with a vehicle that was liened are excluded from the change. They are still owed to the city.

For outstanding tickets issued more than six years ago, the City will no longer be pursuing collection. There will be no refunds issued on previous payments to these tickets.