Customer Credit Card Information and More Stolen from Anytime Fitness in Charleswood
Image by 401(K) 2013

If you are, or previously were, a member at Anytime Fitness in Charleswood then your personal information may have been stolen.

On Friday morning, a thief broke through a window into an office and stole a pin pad, computer and files from a cabinet. Three people were working out in the gym at the time of the incident. They hid until the suspect left then called 911.

Stolen information includes customers name and address, driver’s licences, banking and credit card information.

The gym has sent emails to all 400 members to let them know of the theft. If you’re one of these customers, you should cancel the credit card you used right away. You’ll also need to contact your bank to put security measures in place to avoid fraud.

Equifax has a list of useful tips on what to do when your information is stolen.