List of Winnipeg Streets That Will Be Repaired in 2017
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The City of Winnipeg has released a list of local streets that will be repaired in 2017.

The $105-million initiative will come from all three levels of government and lead to 150 roadway construction projects. Approximately 130 kilometres of road will get repaired.

$60-million will be focused on local streets, back lanes, sidewalks, walkways and bike paths. The other $45-million is dedicated to regional major streets.

Did a street you frequently use make the cut?

Ward Street From To Treatment
Elmwood — East Kildonan Manhattan Ave CPR Kent St Rehabilitation
Elmwood — East Kildonan Amelia Cr Tu-Pelo Ave McCreedy Rd Rehabilitation
Elmwood — East Kildonan McCreedy Rd Amelia Cr ( N Leg ) Tu-Pelo Ave Rehabilitation
Elmwood — East Kildonan Moncton Ave Grey St Gateway Rd Rehabilitation
Fort Rouge — East Fort Garry Byng Pl Riverside Dr. Pembina Hwy AC Reconstruction
Fort Rouge — East Fort Garry South Dr Wildwood St Point Rd Rehabilitation
Fort Rouge — East Fort Garry Roslyn Rd Osborne St E. End Rehabilitation
Fort Rouge — East Fort Garry Bryce St Roslyn Rd River Ave Rehabilitation
Mynarski Powers St Enniskillan Ave Smithfield Ave AC Reconstruction
Mynarski Aikens St Mountain Ave Redwood Ave AC Reconstruction
Mynarski Aikens St McAdam Ave Carruthers Ave AC Reconstruction
Mynarski Hartford Ave McGregor St CPR Winnipeg Beach AC Reconstruction
Mynarski Andrews St Selkirk Ave Dufferin Ave Rehabilitation
Old Kildonan Leamen Cr Doubleday Dr Pipeline Rd AC Reconstruction
Old Kildonan Monty Hall Dr Simkin Dr Oakhurst Cr Rehabilitation
Old Kildonan Sasaki Cr Sorokin St Adsum Dr Rehabilitation
Old Kildonan Sorokin St Adsum Dr Margate Rd Rehabilitation
Old Kildonan Tanoak Park Dr Hillhouse Rd Hillhouse Rd Rehabilitation
Point Douglas Machray Ave Robertson St Cairnsmore St Rehabilitation
Point Douglas Cairnsmore St Machray Ave Cathedral Ave Rehabilitation
Point Douglas Sinclair St Selkirk Ave Jarvis Ave Rehabilitation
Point Douglas Lulu St Logan Ave Alexander Ave AC Reconstruction
Point Douglas Alsip Dr Tallman St Lucas Ave Rehabilitation
Point Douglas Lansdowne Ave Mc Phillips St Inkster Blvd Rehabilitation
River Heights —  Fort Garry Hector Ave Stafford St Wilton St PCC Reconstruction
River Heights —  Fort Garry Grosvenor Ave Cambridge St Montrose Rehabilitation
River Heights —  Fort Garry Kingsway Cambridge St Oak St Rehabilitation
St. Charles Pine Vlane Dr Country Club Blvd Country Club Blvd Rehabilitation
St. Charles Apple Lane Quail Ridge Rd ( East Leg ) Hamilton Ave Rehabilitation
St. Charles Westwood Dr S/B Byrd Ave Sansome Ave Rehabilitation
St. Charles Westwood Dr N/B Sansome Ave Byrd Ave Rehabilitation
St. James-Brooklands-Weston Deer Lodge Pl Portage Ave Portage Ave AC Reconstruction
St. James-Brooklands-Weston Moorgate St Bruce Ave Lodge Ave AC Reconstruction
St. James-Brooklands-Weston Olive St Lodge Ave Portage Ave AC Reconstruction
St. James-Brooklands-Weston Alexander Ave McPhillips St Yeomans St AC Reconstruction
St. James-Brooklands-Weston Lake St Assiniboine Cr Portage Ave Rehabilitation
Daniel McIntyre Downing St Wellington Ave Sargent Park Pl AC Reconstruction
Daniel McIntyre Sargent Park Pl Downing St Dominion St AC Reconstruction
Daniel McIntyre St. Matthews Ave Dominion St Goulding St Rehabilitation
Daniel McIntyre Minto  St St. Matthews Ave Wolever Ave AC Reconstruction
Daniel McIntyre Lenore St Westminster Ave Wolseley Ave AC Reconstruction
Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge Dale Blvd Rannock Ave # 955 Dale Blvd Rehabilitation
Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge Stonebridge Cr Dale Blvd Mosswood Pl Rehabilitation
Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge Kinkora Dr Southboine Dr Berkley St Rehabilitation
Charleswood-Tuxedo-Whyte Ridge Savoy Cr Scotswood Dr N. End Rehabilitation
St. Boniface Speers Rd Cottonwood Rd Crestwood Cr Rehabilitation
St. Boniface Rue Aulneau Hamel Ave Dollard Blvd Rehabilitation
St. Boniface Drake Blvd Elizabeth Rd Autumnwood Dr Rehabilitation
St. Boniface Lakewood Blvd Weatherstone Pl ( S Leg ) Edgewater Dr Rehabilitation
St. Boniface Lakewood Blvd N/B & S/B Fermor Ave Weatherstone Pl ( S Leg ) Rehabilitation
St. Vital Weaver Bay (N Leg) Parkville Dr Pulberry St Rehabilitation
St. Vital Crystal Ave St. Anne’s Rd St. Thomas Rd Rehabilitation
St. Vital Rue Des Meurons Vivian Ave Regal Ave Rehabilitation
St. Norbert Kilkenny Dr Patricia Ave Radcliffe Rd Rehabilitation
St. Norbert Silverstone Ave Cornell Dr King’s Dr Rehabilitation
North Kildonan Pinecrest Bay Donwood Dr Donwood Dr AC Reconstruction
North Kildonan Chornick Dr McIvor Gilmore Ave Rehabilitation
North Kildonan Linden Ave Woodvale St Henderson Hwy Rehabilitation
Transcona Chrislind St Ravelston Ave W Regent Ave W PCC Reconstruction
Transcona Kernaghan Ave Plessis Rd Robson St AC Reconstruction
Transcona Kildare Ave E Wayota St Widlake St Rehabilitation