Get your fishing rods ready! Manitoba’s fishing starts on Saturday, May 15, 2021 for southern Manitoba. The northwest and north central region opens on May 22.

Manitobans can now purchase 2021–22 fishing licenses online at the Manitoba E-licensing portal.

All anglers are required to obtain an angling licence to fish in Manitoba, unless exempt. Angling licences are now available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be immediately purchased and printed at home.

Manitoba’s E-licensing portal has also been expanded to include 20 additional fisheries, forestry, and wildlife application These applications include:

  • fisheries
  • competitive fishing events
  • scientific collection
  • commercial live bait dealer
  • commercial bait fish/leech
  • live fish handling
  • fish farming
  • forestry
  • wood-processing facility
  • provincial forest general permit
  • wildlife
  • hunter declaration
  • fur dealer
  • tanner
  • taxidermist
  • wild animal part dealer
  • serve meat of meat animals
  • game bird farm
  • wildlife farms
  • wild capture (falconry)
  • disable hunter cross bow
  • disabled hunter (discharge and non-discharge)
  • wildlife management area use
  • park vehicle passes

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