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Driven To Perform housed many sweet rides. So it’s not like I’m saying any of them were better or crappier than the next. It’s just, if I HAD to pick 5 of them, this is what I’d end up with. So without further delay, with not much in the way of details and in no particular order, here’s my choice of the TOP 5 cars of Driven To Perform.

– Tintmaster’s Honda S2000
What looks to be a boosted F20 with a sweet paint scheme. Pink isn’t just for girls, it’s for men with deep pockets and fast rides. The carbon fiber fenders sit quite well with me.

– Conroy Ganson’s Drift FD (Mazda RX7)
C’mon, it’s an actual drift car that gets driven by a professional drifter and actually drifts.

– The ’96 Midori Honda Civic
K20 powered and locally known. When she’s not out eating babies, the Midori is out eating other cars. It’s quite the beast.

– Zucru’s Nissan Sileighty
Pretty rare in our city. It’s a JDM 180 with a Silvia front end. I think the owner told me she was a CA18DET powered car. Sick carbon fiber finish on the wheels too (wish I got a pic of it).

This Blue Mazda RX7 FD
A plain looking JDM FD. The polished front mount really caught my eye. I love the oem front end.

There we have it! I’m really a fan of the simple look. Now, that doesn’t mean I hate on chromed out to the teeth wheels and flashing lights on your triple deck spoiler… it’s just not my cup of tea. The s2000 was a stretch as it’s clearly groomed for car shows, but I couldn’t resist. I do however like brisk walks along busy roads and I’m a Gemini.