A couple of my piles of raked leaves Originally uploaded by rachel a. k.

The city has put in place a leaf recycling program. Starting today and until November 15th, you can drop off your garbage bags of leaves by dropping them off at one of the “Leaf it with Us” depots listed below. What a clever name!!

Depots – Bagged Leaves only:

St. James Civic Centre 2055 Ness Avenue, Parking Lot
Kildonan Park Rainbow Stage Parking Lot
Assiniboine Park Zoo 2355 Corydon Avenue, West Parking Lot
Pan-Am Pool 25 Poseidon Bay at Taylor Avenue, Parking Lot
King’s Park King’s Drive & Kilkenny Drive
St. Vital Park River Road & Falconer Bay
Transcona Ravelston Avenue at Chrislind Street, Parking Lot
Terry Sawchuk Arena 901 Kimberly Avenue
Kilcona Park McIvor Avenue Gate, at Lagimodiere Boulevard

Both bagged and loose leaves can be dropped off at Brady Road Landfill.

It would be nice if they had a drop off closer to downtown for folks like me who like recycling but are opposed to driving.