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So last week was a pretty big week for superhero movies. Iron man came out on DVD and BluRay. The Dark Knight (which is perhaps the most successful Superhero movie of all time) make a huge leap to the Imax screen. Which makes me wonder… What were the worst superhero movies of all time?

[flickr align=”right”]photo:2902953575[/flickr]5. Catwoman
Not even Halle Barry could save this movie – even if she got naked like she did in Swordfish. Just like Christopher Reeves and Superman, there is no other Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer.







[flickr align=”right”]photo:2903797776[/flickr]4. Daredevil
Well in this movie, a boy is involved in a chemical spill causing him to lose his vision but at the same time heightens his other senses. The outcome? Daredevil. What made this movie so bad? Ben Affleck prancing around in a tight red leather costume while being chased by a bald Colin Farrell.






[flickr align=”right”]photo:2902953623[/flickr]3. Hulk
The Hulk was one of the longest movies that I have ever seen, and I just wanted it to end. The storyline was about a guy who’s father did some wild experiment on him, who later on gets hit with gamma rays which turns him into the Hulk. What made this movie so bad? Well, director Ang Lee wanted to make the movie like you were watching a comic book. The result? It was like watching a pop-up video. Each new scene would pop up in a new box (kind of hard to explain). On top of that, the climax of the movie was a fight scene that my eyes couldn’t follow because the special effects were too over the top.



[flickr align=”right”]photo:2903797734[/flickr]2. Batman Forever
I’ve always been a huge fan of Batman, seeing how I was a young boy and Batman was pretty badass. But anyways this movie was pretty cool, until I grew up. The reason why I think that this movie was so bad is because Michael Keaton did not reprise his role as Bruce Wayne. Instead the director cast Val Kilmer. Plus the movie was just really weird. Gotham City didn’t even look believable anymore.




[flickr align=”right”]photo:2903797710[/flickr]1. Batman and Robin
Okay so how do you make people forget about a horrible “Batman Forever”?  Lets see, you cast the lead to Er superstar, George Clooney and add Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl to the mix and have them fight Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once again bad casting was the at fault here. The set looked way over the top making the story even more less believable.   Lets all be happy that DC decided to remake the whole Batman franchise because i could not bare to see another horrible superhero movie.