The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation installed five ATM Bank Machines in McPhillips Street Station today and a lot of people are not happy.

ATM’s were never allowed in Winnipeg’s two casinos until today. Customers would have to walk over to nearby ATMs to withdrawal money. The McPhillips Street Station has an ATM just across the parking lot.

This was becoming a safety concern since there has been 65 incidents in 3 years that varied from assaults, fights, to theft. The MLC believes that having ATMs in the building is a safer alternative.

“We wanted to offer customers a safer customer service alternative.”

The McPhillips Street Station now has five ATMs, two at each entrance and one on the mezzanine level. They are not operational yet but will be in a week or two. All five ATMs will have responsible gaming messages on them.

Revenue from all ATM transactions will go to the Lottery Corporation. Club Regent will not be getting ATM’s as customers already have safe access to the ATM in the connecting hotel.

The problem that arises now is addiction. According to the Addictions Foundation about 1.1% of adult Manitobans are problem gamblers. With easier access to money via in-house ATM, people are more willing to spend what they can’t afford. Sure customers have access to an ATM across the parking lot, but at that point they have already left the building and have a better chance of putting their head on straight, and walking away.

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