Vivid Nite Club & Lounge (formerly Coyotes) had it’s Grand Opening this past weekend and I must say, a lot has changed since Coyotes. Sure the basics are still there, dance floor, stage, bar in the middle and on the side, etc, etc, BUT it has completely been revamped to give you a new night club experience that no other place in Winnipeg can offer.

You really get the ‘Vegas’ feel when you first enter Vivid. The amazing LED light shows throughout the club make it stand out from any other venue. You can tell that Vivid management had gone out of their way to make this club unique from everywhere else. Waiting in line? That was no problem as staff continuously kept the line moving at a steady pace. Vivid also went the extra mile and hired a magician to entertain everyone with David Blaine-style street magic. A controlled pyro show (organized by Archangel Fireworks) also made the experience even more unique. Fireworks blasted behind the stage while the Vivid dancers did their routine.

Where the pool tables and awkwardly bright lights used to be in Coyotes, there’s now a semi-private lounge with an open kitchen where you can just grab a table or booth and shoot the shit with friends. There’s still music over there but it’s at a much more tolerable level.

That’s not to say the music in the main section is too loud. Far from it. It’s the perfect level for grabbing one of the many (MANY) beautiful “college-aged” women and hitting up the dance floor. Need another reason to hit the floor? Vivid Dancers!!! I counted 7 or 8 beautiful ladies in some sexy lingerie (think the movie Chicago). OK, you can see them from almost anywhere, but when you’re on the floor, you end up in some cornucopia of beautiful women. The only downside was when the dancing girls were put up on the flat-panel TVs throughout the club … it looked a bit voyeuristic … hot, scantily clad girls through the eyes of a webcam would be the best way to put it. DJ Jordan kept the dance floor pumping all night … good sign he knows what he’s doing.

Drinks were very reasonably priced. An MGD and Black Russian (double of course) set me back only $11. Tip was reduced a bit because I had to ask for the real thing… I don’t want “Black Russian from a bottle”, sorry. Best to just get rid of that stuff … it’s sick. Really sick.

I’m not much of a sitter when it comes to bars but there was always some place to flop, despite the bar being packed. High traffic areas (around the bar and bathroom) had lots of benches and small cube ottoman-type chairs so it was easy to move around. Patio was nice and open (but I never saw those heat lamps that are necessary in Winnipeg). They would’ve really come in handy especially on Friday when temps were dropping down to zero. (seriously, wtf is with this weather?)

I’d have to say … the highlight of the night … was the tall (I’m talking 6 foot something) hot blonde in the black dress and sexy heels. Had I not been with my girl (not girlfriend, just date), I would’ve been all over that one. Let’s hope she frequents Vivid as I most likely will be. :)

Here are some photos from the Grand Opening weekend at Vivid Nite Club & Lounge courtesy of our good friend Henry Quach (also the resident Vivid Photographer)

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