Watch out Rogers, Bell (MTS) and Telus… There’s a new player in town, and they could be starting as soon as next week.

WIND mobile (Globalive Wireless Management) has just announced that they have received approval from Ottawa to be the 4th Canada-wide Wireless Mobile provider.

What does this mean to us Winnipegers?
More competition is always great for us – the end users. You can bet that as soon as WIND mobile launches, they will be offering very competitive prices to obtain a market share in Canada and Winnipeg. So expect Rogers, MTS, and Telus to counter offer with great offers of their own.

A Sneak Peak of What’s to Come:
WIND mobile won’t charge its customers system access or 911 fees. It will not offer Apple’s touchscreen iPhone, but it will offer the BlackBerry and other smartphones.

Rumoured Plans:
Chat: $15 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited incoming text
100 province-wide voice minutes
50 text messages

Always Talk: $35 per month
Unlimited WIND to WIND calling (Canada wide)
Unlimited province-wide calling
Unlimited incoming text
50 outgoing text messages

Always Shout: $45 per month
Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Unlimited incoming /outgoing text messages

Data Plans
Infinite Mobile: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for phones (tethering too)

Infinite Laptop: $45 per month
Unlimited internet for USB data sticks

BlackBerry data plans
Social BlackBerry: $10 per month
Unlimited instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace.

Infinite BlackBerry: $35 per month (used with any voice plan)
Unlimited internet for BlackBerry

Long Distance:
$20 for unlimited North America

All plans include Caller’s ID, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting.

If your contracts are about to expire, make sure you hold off before renewing for another 2-3 years. Expect cellphone rates to come down very soon – becuase if Rogers wants to keep me as a customer, they better have something amazing to offer me! (Lets just hope WIND mobiles wireless service is better than their corporate website server – which is currently down from all the new Canadian traffic they’ve been getting)

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