Manitoba Theatre Centre presents Jake’s Gift at The Tom Hendry Theatre Warehouse from January 19th through February 5th. Tickets range from $15 to $40 depending on age, date and seat section.

Here is an excerpt from the MTC website:

Patrick Marber (MTC Warehouse’s Closer) transplants August Strindberg’s once-scandalous play to the English countryside on the night of the Labour Party’s landslide victory in 1945. As revellers celebrate, Miss Julie engages in a forbidden flirtation with her father’s chauffeur, John. Seduced by her manipulations and driven by his own ambition, John lays bare long-held feelings for the reckless temptress. Their affair escalates into a volatile power struggle that leaves destruction in its wake.

MTC presents Patrick Marber’s version of August Strindberg’s play as part of StrindbergFest 2011.

Check out MTC’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.

Image After-Miss-Julie Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg