Winnipeg’s James Richardson Airport is one of eight Canadian airports to get naked photos of all Winnipegers new x-rated security scanners. These scanners use millimeter wave technology and will allow airport security officials to see through your cloths as you walk by.

I have a feeling that the airport is going to see an increase in job applications. Better safe than sorry I guess. Heck, it beats a full hands-on body search. Above is an example of how the images will look like. The system will automatically blur your face to provide a small sense of privacy.

How It Works:
There is no radiation involved. It sends extremely high frequency (millimeter wave) radio frequency bands around your body that goes through cloths and creates a 3D image of what it finds.

How Do You Feel About the New Security Scanners?

  • It's an invasion of my privacy! (70%)
  • I think its a great idea. (30%)
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