Keith McArthur, Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers, just confirmed on their blog that they will offer iPad price plans for all models at the end of May in Canada.

This is really no shock as Rogers already has relationship with Apple and the iPhone. Theres a really good chance that Fido, and maybe even Telus, will sell them as well.

The release states all models, but I’m not sure why Rogers would be interested in selling non-3G iPads. It will most likely be 3G iPads with 3G planned pricing attached. IE. Sign up for a 3-year 3G plan and get the iPad for $XXX.

No news yet on what pricing will be… I am still waiting to know if we can combine iPad 3G data use with our existing 3G cellphone plans. I know there are tons of 6GB data plan owners out there that would LOVE to share their cellphone data plan with the iPad.


Image rogers-ipad Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg