Starting September 21, 2010, Telus Mobility will start charging it’s customers $2 for monthly paper billing. This is in effort to reduce paper waste and to push customers towards e.bill.

E.bill is when customers are emailed their monthly bill instead of receiving a paper statement. Unfortunately, e.bill is an opt-in feature, if you do not change to online billing by September 21, your account will start getting the automatic $2.00 charge.

New Telus Customers
Upon activating your contract, make sure to select e.bill as an option. Failure to do so will result in a $2 charge a month for paper billing.

Existing Telus Customers
Call customer support to change to e.bill by September 21, 2010.

Fido was the first to introduce a fee for paper billing and it looks like all the major carriers will eventually follow. No news yet on when Rogers will introduce the fees.

I think its a great idea. When I had paper billing it often went straight into the trash. Online billing has been wonderful for me. I get all the detail I would get in a paper bill, without the environmental waste.


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