Apple officially announced the successor of the iPad today. They’re calling it the iPad 2. Here is a run down of the new features:

– All-new design
– 33% thinner than original iPad, and thinner than a iPhone 4 (8.8mm)
– 15% lighter than original iPad (600g)
– Dual-core A5 chip
– Same 10 hours battery life
– Two Cameras
– FaceTime
– Photobooth
– iMovie and GarageBand ($4.99 each)
– New iPad SmartCovers
– Gyroscope
– HDMI out via Adapter Cable
– Available in black and white

Pricing will be exactly the same as the original iPad.

16GB: $549
32GB: $649
64GB: $749

WiFi + 3G
16GB: $679
32GB: $779
64GB: $879

The iPad 2 will available in Canada on Friday, March 25, 2011, two weeks after the U.S. release on Friday, March 11. The U.S. is doing a weird 5:00pm launch on March 11, so expect something similar in Canada.

Click here for more information and demo videos.

Image ipad2 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg