Oh the joy!! Winnipeg will be finally getting a real IMAX location at Silver City Polo Park. Unlike the current IMAX at Portage Place, the Polo Park location will release Hollywood blockbusters the same date they are released in theatres. No more having to wait weeks, or even months to see your favourites on the IMAX screen.

It’s expected to open July 1, 2011, just in time for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The screen will measure 19.5 by 10.8 metres (slightly smaller than Portage Place’s 22 by 17 metre screen).

Premium for seeing a movie on an IMAX screen is usually $6. So for a typical $13.25 3D-film, expect to pay around $20. The cost might be high, but trust me when I say it’s worth EVERY penny. You haven’t really experienced a movie, or 3D, until you’ve seen it on the IMAX.

The IMAX screen will take over an existing auditorium at Silver City Polo Park and the theatre is expected to be closed for 10 days for renovations.

See you all there for Transformers 3!!


Image IMAX Originally uploaded by semuthutan