Reminder that the City of Winnipeg will be having another one-day sale on compost bins this Saturday, May 14, 2011.

They will be selling Earth Machine compost bins, which are normally $100, for only $30 including taxes. 208 litre rain barrels, which are normally $120, will sell for $50 including taxes.

Compost turners will be available for $15 as well as kitchen scrap pails for $7.

They will be available at the following locations from 8am – 4pm while quantities last…

* Polo Park Shopping Centre (1485 Portage Avenue – parking lot along St. James Street across from The Bay)
* St. Vital Centennial Arena (580 St. Anne’s Road at Meadowood Drive)
* Toys R Us (1560 Regent Avenue West, parking lot adjacent to Regent Avenue)
* Garden City Shopping Centre (2305 McPhillips Avenue – parking lot along Kingsbury Avenue behind Canadian Tire)

Major credit cards, debit cards and cheques will be accepted. Cheques should be made payable to Norseman Plastics. All sales are final.

A single compost bin can prevent 100 kilograms of organics from going to the landfill each year. Organic materials produce methane gas in landfills, which contributes to climate change.

Visit for more information.

Don’t forget, recycling makes you an unofficial member of Captain Planet and The Planeteers!