New Cellphone Contract Laws Coming in September
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Most major cellphone companies, such as Rogers and Fido, already have these rules in place. But beginning September 2012, it will be the law.

These new rules will protect consumers from the death grip of some cellphone providers:

* requires companies to provide a copy of the contract to consumers before the contract begins;
* requires companies to fully disclose and explain all charges, fees and terms;
* restricts companies from making unilateral changes to contract terms;
* allows consumers to cancel contracts at any time for a reasonable cancellation fee;
* requires the minimum monthly cost to be included in cellphone advertisements;
* restricts automatic cellphone contract renewals; and
* increases consumer protection for cellphone contracts not made in person, including contracts made over the Internet.

In short, those wanting to do an early upgrade won’t have to pay an arm and leg to do so! [WINNIPEG FREE PRESS]