Rogers 6GB Super Plan
Image iPhone on Roger’s – Uploaded by John Biehler

Rogers has brought back it’s $30 6GB data plan in form of a $60 super plan bundled with a voice package. If you have a new age smartphone then you might want to take advantage of this. The 6GB will allow you to tether your phone (use it as a wireless hotspot for your tablet) and facetime/video conference over 3G/LTE without any worries.

6GB Super Plan:
– 6 GB of Data, 3G/LTE ready
– Unlimited MY10 Canada-Wide
– Unlimited Messaging
– Unlimited 6PM Evenings & Weekends
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling from Your Computer with Rogers One Number
– 200 Weekday Minutes
– $60/month

The plan is available until August 8, 2012. Contact Rogers to sign up. The plan doesn’t include voicemail or caller ID, so you’ll have to add that for a extra $15. All in all, the plan will cost you $75 + tax/fees. Not bad for a 6GB data plan with some great voice features. [ROGERS]