Nominations Open for the 2015 CEC Youth Role Model Awards

The Citizen Equity Committee (CEC) of the City of Winnipeg will be honouring young people, who by their contributions have become role models within their respective communities.

Nominations for the 2015 CEC Youth Role Model Awards is now open to honour the future leaders of our City.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for any of the Youth Role Model Awards, a nominee must:

  • Be a resident of Winnipeg
  • Be between the ages of 15 and 17 (Junior Achiever) or 18 and 24 (Senior Achiever)
  • Submit a written autobiography
  • Be ready to be interviewed by the Selection Committee
  • Be an outstanding achiever in one or more of the Award Categories, described below

Award Categories:

Rosalinda Natividad Cantiveros Award for Courage
Prospective youth candidates must be nominated by a School Principal, Guardian, Counselor or a community
leader. That individual should have demonstrated courage, personal growth/achievement while dealing with life

Community Volunteering
Any individual youth who demonstrates outstanding voluntary services in community activities.

Any individual youth with a record of excellence in one or more sport disciplines.

Education and Training
Any individual youth who achieves excellence in his/her academic or vocational studies.

Performing and/or Creative Arts
Any individual youth who achieves distinction in one or more of the performing and/or creative arts, such as:
traditional dance; music (vocals & instruments); drama; acting and film production; traditional crafts and painting.

Any individual youth who demonstrates a high level of knowledge and appreciation of his/her spiritual beliefs.

Any individual youth who demonstrates consistency and maintains a track record in promoting current issues, e.g.
human rights, social justice, environment, animal cruelty, etc.

Wade “Kojo” Williams Sr. Award for Action Against Racism and Discrimination
Any individual youth or youth group who demonstrates actions to build awareness and knowledge to achieve an
inclusive and respectful Winnipeg, free from racism and all forms of discrimination. One award per annum will be

To nominate an individual, fill out this form and submit it by March 31, 2015. [CEC]