New CRTC Wireless Code Now in Effect
Image by sfoskett

The new CRTC Wireless Code is now in effect. Whether you’re a new or an existing customer, the changes should benefit you as a consumer.

Under the new code:

  • No cancellation fees after 2 years
    You can cancel your contract after 2 years with no cancellation fees – even if you have agreed to a longer term
  • Limit on data & roaming charges
    Extra data charges and international data roaming charges are capped to prevent bill shock
  • Unlocked cellphones
    You can have your cellphone unlocked after 90 days, or immediately if you paid for the device in full
  • Trial period
    You can return your cellphone within 15 days, without penalty, if you are unhappy with your service
  • Clear language
    Your contract and related documents must be provided to you in plain language

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