A powerful mural depicting our interconnectedness has been installed at Winnipeg’s City Hall.

The piece was gifted a traditional Anishinaabemowin name Gakina Gidinawemaaganidim (We Are All Related) by Elder Marcel McKay and translated by Elder Roger Roulette.

“We truly are all related upon Mother Earth and we are all connected,” said Jeannie White Bird, traditional helper and emerging artist from Rolling River First Nation who created the piece. “No matter race, gender, or age, we are all connected and no one is alone. We all walk upon Mother Earth with each step we take.”

The mural is roughly 20 meters long and four meters tall and hangs on the southeast side of the Susan A. Thompson Building.

Gakina Gidinawemaaganidim (We Are All Related) features a maple tree with its blowing leaves morphing into orbs encased by colourful spiritual energies. It is a lively and harmonious flow of interconnected physical, emotional, and spiritual energies depicting far-reaching inclusion and belonging. The emotional and spiritual aspects conveyed are that no one is alone as we are all connected. The physical aspects are displayed through the far-reaching roots of the maple tree extending and embracing all people across Canada. A celestial star element reminds us of our humble existence upon our home, Mother Earth. The mural also features the handprints of Manitobans from all walks of life.

The mural will remain at City Hall for the next few months before being displayed at other City facilities.