iPhone on Roger’s Originally uploaded by John Biehler

MacNN is reporting that Rogers will be releasing a new iPhone plan on October 1st.

The popular 6GB data for $30 plan was also extended to the end of September (as I thought it would)

The rumored new plan would be a $60 plan and have:
* 250 daytime minutes
* 75 text messages
* 1GB of data
* Visual Voicemail
* Three months of Unlimited local calling
* Permanent MY5 Local option

At present, an equivalent $60 plan grants just 150 minutes and 400MB of data, with no MY5 Local calling included.

Anyone else think these new plans are still garbage?

Best Deal:

Find a $10 plan from someone who doesn’t want their plan anymore (kijiji or a friend) – 150 daytime minutes is included with the $10 plan but nothing else special.

Add $7 for unlimited evening and weekends starting at 6PM.

Add $15 for a Smartphone value pack that gives you:
* Call Display with Name Display
* Enhanced Voicemail
* 2,500 Sent Text Messages
* 1,000 Sent Picture/Video Messages (useless for iPhone users)
* WhoCalled™

Add $30 for a 6GB data plan.

Total would be $62 for this ‘custom’ made plan and, in my opinion, is WAY better than these $60 plans that Rogers has been coming out with!